Remediation Strategies in Healthcare Education

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Remediation Strategies in Healthcare Education

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Learn strategies aimed at averting the need for remediation and what to do when at-risk learners have been identified. You will learn how to support learners–those performing well and those who are struggling–develop success plans, and track progress towards achieving optimal outcomes.

Presenter: Angela Hairrell, PhD, MEd

Angie Hairrell is a lifetime educator, serving all levels (PreK to professional school) for over 30 years. She earned her Ph.D in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Her research interests include reading comprehension and vocabulary development, as well as active learning strategies and learning differences. Before entering the field of medical education, Dr. Hairrell spent many years teaching in the public school system and then working in higher education research. She is currently the Director of Academic Support Services at the Texas A&M University School of Medicine. She is passionate about helping all students achieve success through data- and performance-driven assessment. This is especially important to help medical students become effective and efficient learners.

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