All The Ways To Skin the Cat

Shannon McKenna Aerial

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All The Ways To Skin the Cat

By Shannon McKenna Aerial

No Aerial Apparatus Necessary!

Skin the cats making you a scaredy cat?

Maybe you don't try them because you don't know if you’re strong or flexible enough…

Maybe you can lower into one- but you may as well write your entire will and testament before you do, because once you go down there’s no way you’re coming up…

Maybe, you don’t see the point of learning them in addition to all the other crap you have to work on…

Whatever your MAYBE, I’m here to tell you- I DEFINITELY have a solution.

Don’t let the unsettling name fool you- skin the cats are an approachable skill most aerialists can train. You just need to know where to start.

And start you should- skin the cat are a great way quickly gain and maintain shoulder strength and mobility, give your abs a workout, and gain some coordination to progress to higher level skills. Plus, skin the cats are the gateway move to a whole land of neat tricks and transitions on every aerial apparatus I can think of.

However, just because skin the cats are more approachable, that doesn’t mean they’re easy. They can go real wrong real fast. Working on them without any instruction is a 0/10 idea.

Unfortunately, there’s not much guidance out there for aerialists with no prior gymnastic experience. Few coaches who teach the skill know how to adjust the approach for different body types or understand the nuance of each aerial apparatus.

And so, I’ve created this online workshop for aerialists and aerial coaches. It contains vital information I’ve gathered from years of study, exploration, and experience coaching hundreds of aerialists all over the world.

You Will Learn:

  • Drills and exercises to understand and safely train skin the cats- especially important if you don't have a spotter
  • Coaching tips and spotting technique to help your students or training buddy achieve their goals
  • Examples of aerialists with different body types making the common mistakes so you can correct quickly and improve faster
  • Anatomy and biomechanics explained experientially so it's not boring
  • Choreography and inspiration! Shannon will teach some sneaky transitions on aerial hoop and cool climbs on aerial silks including this one:

Pretty neat, huh?

Here's what makes it EVEN BETTER...

  • There's unlimited access – watch as many times as you want forever! (figuratively)
  • Use the time stamp reference sheet to easily find the section you’re looking for
  • You can walk into the studio with an exercise download/print out – complete with videos of each exercise and an sample training session showing how to integrate these exercises so you'll actually do them

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Shannon McKenna Aerial


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