The Interstellar Alliance - Social Experiment: Step One

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The Interstellar Alliance - Social Experiment: Step One

By Bashar

As we move forward into the Countdown to Contact: Year One, Bashar will walk us through the first step of the Interstellar Alliance - Social Experiment. He will provide us with exercises and actions that we can take to align ourselves more clearly with the vibrational frequency of the Interstellar Alliance. As we prepare for the idea of open contact, this social experiment may bring us to challenge ourselves in taking the specific steps he will share. Join us to learn about The Interstellar Alliance - Social Experiment: Step One and continue preparing for contact!

Asking Bashar A Question During the Live Stream

This streaming-only event will be partially pre-recorded. It will include Bashar’s monologue and meditation, a Q&A segment which will include a selection of questions from our live stream audience. To submit a question to Bashar during the live stream, click in the chat box and select Ask A Question from the menu options (plus sign). Also, before the event, we will be taking questions via social media and email! Learn how to submit your question here.

Why Join The Live Stream?

Join the live stream to begin connecting with Bashar fans from around the globe! From the moment you purchase your ticket you can begin sharing your favorite Bashar moments with like-minded individuals. During the stream, continue the discussion as you come together to share in this amazing experience. Are you as excited as we are? Then click the link below to purchase your ticket and join us for our brand new Bashar experience!

A copy of the recording is not included with the purchase of the live streaming event ticket. Please see our website for details about the free replay period.

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