Improving the developer experience of enterprise design systems

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Improving the developer experience of enterprise design systems

By StackBlitz

Enterprises everywhere are embracing design systems to improve brand and UX consistency, ensure compliance with accessibility standards, and broadly make the delivery of digital products more efficient by reducing repeated work.

Reusable components, centralized standards, and generalizable guidelines eliminate a lot of the toil associated with building for the web. However, design systems are a complex, ever-evolving product in their own right. Design systems used by hundreds or thousands of developers are often maintained by a comparably tiny team of perhaps a dozen designers and engineers.

In this session, we’ll take a look at how both open source and internal (sometimes called innersource) enterprise teams are using StackBlitz to improve developer experience and drive design system adoption while keeping time spent on bug fixes and maintenance to a minimum.

We’ll cover:
  • The challenges of building and maintaining enterprise design systems
  • Accelerating adoption of your design system by improving the DX of your documentation
  • How to streamline your bug reporting workflows so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time building
  • Enabling one-click starter projects for rapid evaluation and prototyping
  • Examples from teams at IBM, Porsche, and Google
You’ll also have the opportunity to have your questions answered during the live Q&A segment.

Meet the speaker

Eric Simons
CEO & Co-Founder, StackBlitz

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