A Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to Interactive Developer Documentation

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A Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to Interactive Developer Documentation

By StackBlitz

It's no secret that strong developer documentation is massively important for getting engineers to try out and build with your software.

When teaching your users how to use your component library or design system, providing examples is absolutely essential. However, as with learning any new skill or concept, a hands-on approach is usually more effective than simply reading an instruction manual.

This is why teams at many of the world’s largest companies in addition to the maintainers of many popular open source projects have incorporated StackBlitz into their documentation to make it easier for individual developers to learn, try, and build with their tools.

With StackBlitz, you can include live, interactive examples of your code right within your documentation.

Your current and potential users can see the examples, figure out how the code is actually evaluated, inspect the results, and even edit the code to see how it changes.

In our upcoming live session, we will cover:
  • How interactive examples can improve your documentation, reducing questions and bug reports and driving increased adoption of your library or design system with your developers
  • Three different approaches for using StackBlitz for live, editable examples in your docs
  • Getting started with StackBlitz's Javascript SDK for programmatically creating examples based on your existing components (and keeping them up to date as you make changes)
  • An introduction to StackBlitz’s WebContainer API for building fully customized learning environments
You’ll also have the opportunity to have your questions answered during the live Q&A segment.

By the end of this livestream, you'll walk away with several ideas for how you can make your documentation more effective with specific examples from the teams at Astro, Google, and Porsche.

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Tomek Sułkowski
Developer Relations Lead, StackBlitz

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