Sugar Control Workshop

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Sugar Control Workshop

By Brigitte Factor

The key to consuming carbs without hijacking blood sugars

During this 60-minute workshop you'll learn:
  • which carbs to avoid to keep blood sugars stable
  • the difference between sugars and starches and their impact on blood sugar.
  • how to safely choose low-calorie sweeteners
  • the secret to enjoying rice and potatoes even on a sugar control diet
  • how to read labels to identify hidden sugars in foods
  • natural remedies to control sugar cravings
Attendees will receive a free Sugar Control Diet plan.

About The Host
Brigitte Factor is a functional nutritionist and host of Hungry For Truth. She is a voice of reason in the conflicting world of online health and nutrition advice. Ditch the dogma and discover real solutions for radiant health and vitality.

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Brigitte Factor

Brigitte Factor


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