Do You Hear the Shofar Sounding?

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Do You Hear the Shofar Sounding?

By JC Studies

Faith Lessons to Put into Practice During the 2023 Fall Feast Season

Description: We believe our Father gifted biblical festivals to his people. Learning about them is valuable and you'll do that here in this webinar. But practicing them is invaluable. You'll also hear about opportunities to do just that in this webinar.

Details: Simple email registration is required, there is no cost to attend the live event or watch the replay.

Click Save My Spot! for free registration. We'll send a couple of reminder emails as the event nears. Saving your spot also gives you access to the recording after the live webinar.

Have you attended one of our popular Fall Feasts seminars in the past? Welcome back. Yes, it's worth your time to attend for two reasons:
  1. The annual repetition of the festivals is a key part of their divine design. Your life has changed and the Bible has something fresh to speak into your current context.
  2. Our goal is to turn information into transformation. No matter what's going on in your life, there is value in tuning into the symphony of the fall feast season. Also, in this presentation you'll hear how to plug in and practice with the haverim community.

The 2023 Fall Feast Season
  • Sept 16: Feast of Trumpets
  • Sept 16 to 25: Ten Days of Awe
  • Sept 25: Day of Atonement
  • Sept 30 to Oct 6 (7): Feast of Tabernacles

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