How to Leverage Referrals to Overcome Care Provider Recruitment Challenges

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How to Leverage Referrals to Overcome Care Provider Recruitment Challenges

By Jobtrain

In the Care Sector, attracting and hiring care workers is one of the biggest challenges being faced.

This webinar with Natalie Page, Head of HR at Crossroads Care Surrey and Giles Heckstall-Smith, Director of Strategic Development at Jobtrain, explores the effectiveness of leveraging referrals as a solution to address these recruitment hurdles.

By tapping into existing networks and relationships, care providers can expand their talent pool increase candidate quality and even reduce boost retention.
Join us to discover the strategies and benefits of incorporating referrals into your recruitment approach.

Key Points:
  • The main recruitment challenges: We will discuss the acute difficulties care providers face in attracting and hiring care workers.
  • Understanding referral schemes: Exploring the concept of referrals and how they can be implemented and used as a powerful tool in recruitment.
  • The benefits of referral programs: The advantages of implementing referral programs, such as cost-effectiveness, higher quality hires, faster recruitment and improved retention.
  • Building referral networks: Provide insights into establishing and nurturing a network of referrers within and outside your Care business.
  • Leveraging social media and technology: The role of social media to maximise reach and of technology platforms and tools in streamlining the hiring process and experience.
  • Creating incentive structures: The various incentive approaches to motivate employees and external stakeholders to participate actively in the referral program.
  • Measuring success: The key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of referral initiatives.
  • Q&A Session: Ask any burning questions around recruitment and retention in the Care Sector.
Join us for this insightful webinar as we delve into the transformative potential of referrals in addressing care worker recruitment challenges.

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