The Optimism Ecosystem Developer Spotlight with Infura

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The Optimism Ecosystem Developer Spotlight with Infura

By Consensys Software

Infura is excited to announce "The Optimism Ecosystem Developer Spotlight" webinar, taking place on July 27th, 2023 at 10:30 AM ET.

This unique event will provide an in-depth look into the Optimism Ecosystem and feature top-tier experts from Infura, Optimism, and Velodrome.

Our focus will be on demonstrating the unique value proposition of Optimism, exploring the upcoming news about Velodrome, and showing how Infura equips dapp builders with a powerful platform to build on.
What you can expect:
  • Updates on the Optimism ecosystem, its ease of use, and community network benefits.
  • A deep-dive into how Infura forms the connective tissue between Optimism and dapps like Velodrome.
  • An exclusive look into Velodrome, their technical innovations, and a sneak peek into their upcoming Product v3.
Don't miss out on this exciting event! Register now by clicking the "Save My Spot!" button.

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