Redo - The BIG Rediscovery Plan - SSP Disclosure of Ancient Technologies & Inner Earth Civilizations

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Redo - The BIG Rediscovery Plan - SSP Disclosure of Ancient Technologies & Inner Earth Civilizations

By Dr Salla Webinars

On March 2, 2023, it was reported a new chamber had been found in the Great Pyramid with Dr. Zahi Hawass, the former head of Egypt’s antiquities department, alluding to the impending discovery of fabulous artifacts. This report lent credence to earlier claims published by former professional French archeologist, Elena Danaan, who had been told by her Galactic Federation of Worlds sources that there would be a “rediscovery” of ancient technologies linked to the pyramids which would shock the world in 2023.

Adding further weight to these startling predictions of what’s to come this year was a mission in late February involving a serving member of the US Army, JP, who was flown to the Grand Canyon. Here he witnessed an underground cavern containing multiple chambers filled with hieroglyphic and other ancient writing, along with mysterious artifacts, and a flying saucer. JP is being allowed to reveal what he witnessed because of a disclosure initiative supported by senior leaders of a US-military-run secret space program working with other national militaries comprising an Earth Alliance.

During another mission in early January, JP was part of a select group taken to an underground civilization belonging to an insectoid-looking race, called the “Ant People” in Native American legends. JP says that the Ant People have begun a program to reintroduce themselves to surface humanity. In a follow-up mission in early February, JP encountered another underground civilization, this time comprising Nordic-looking humans, who announced their plan to begin revealing themselves and their spacecraft to surface humanity as well.

In his 2nd webinar for 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will present all the available evidence that shows a “Rediscovery Plan” has been launched that has multiple components. One is to introduce humanity to advanced technologies used by long-forgotten civilizations, as described in ancient texts. A second component is to introduce humanity to flourishing Inner Earth and undersea cultures that have long kept their existence a secret from surface dwellers. A third component is to reveal the existence of space arks and other spacecraft used by the ancients, thereby preparing humanity for the official disclosure of secret space programs run by major nations.

This webinar will look beyond the current mainstream narrative of impending disaster and instead reveal exciting events taking place now which are paving the way for an incredible year of wonder. Join Dr. Salla for an exciting and inspiring look at the “Big Rediscovery Plan” that will unfold in 2023 to change all our lives for the better.

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