The Conscious Style Guide Publishing Virtual Event

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The Conscious Style Guide Publishing Virtual Event

By Hachette Book Group

Join Karen Yin (author of The Conscious Style Guide) and Carrie Bloxson (HBG’s SVP, Chief Diversity Officer) for a virtual conversation about DEI and conscious language exclusively for publishing professionals.

Most of us want to choose inclusive, respectful, and empowering language when it comes to the books we publish and how we connect with readers. But language—and how we use it—continually evolves, along with cultural norms.

In this virtual event, award-winning writer and editor Karen Yin will dive into both practical uses and broader challenges of working with words in today’s day and age.

We encourage you to submit your own professional questions for Karen to potentially answer during the event. All employees of publishing deal with words and communication on a daily basis–conscious language is essential for all aspects of the book business.

Discover more about THE CONSCIOUS STYLE GUIDE by Karen Yin.

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