Tales from Token 2049

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Tales from Token 2049

By Blockchained India

Builders, do you ever feel like you are missing out on the trends and insights because you can’t attend every event that is happening worldwide?

We understand how challenging this can be, especially during a bear market when industry insights and developments are critical for staying ahead of the curve.

To help the community with these insights, we started a special meetup series “Tales from Global Conferences’23”. This meetup series brings together industry leaders who have attended these conferences.

We are happy to announce our next series from Token 2049 Singapore called "Tales from Token 2049 Singapore".

What’s in for you at “Tales from Token 2049 Singapore”?

This exclusive session is designed to provide unique experiences from some of the top brands present on the ground during Token 2049.

This will help you understand the winds of the industry and make better-informed decisions for your own projects.

Besides learning, it will also give you an opportunity to connect and collaborate with these brands globally.

Agenda for the event:

6:30 to 6:40: Introduction to Blockchained India & Tales from Token 2049
6:40 to 7:05 pm: Demystifying investment trends as seen at Token 2049
7:05 to 7:35 pm: Unveiling future innovation within Protocols
7:35 to 8:00 pm: Founders panel: A new era of web3 innovations

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Blockchained India

Blockchained India


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