USAID Funding Seminar - How to enter and grow in the USAID market

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USAID Funding Seminar - How to enter and grow in the USAID market

By AidEx

USAID distributed more than $30 billion last fiscal year. Attend this seminar to learn best practices for starting and growing your work with USAID. We will share USAID partnering best practices that our team has learned through nearly a decade of supporting USAID partnering growth strategies. Come learn how to start building your organization’s USAID market strategy, and ways to get started as a subcontractor by connecting with established USAID primes. This seminar co-hosted with AidEx will cover AidKonekt’s “3-P” process to growing in the USAID market, and will give you tools you can take back to your organization to build and grow your USAID work. This will be targeted to international development and aid organizations interested in USAID funding. We will discuss changes under the Biden Administration, the New Partnerships Initiative, and USAID’s direction under Administrator Samantha Power.

Speakers include:
- Mike Shanley, Founder and CEO, AidKonekt Data
- Dr. Justus Kilonzi Paul, Co-Founder, Savannah Informatics
- Awele Okigbo, Founder & CEO, Credo Advisory

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