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Ready to reduce your video workflow tool stack down to one powerful yet intuitive tool?

Join us for VEED's biggest launch yet on Wednesday, November 2nd at 1 PM EST (10AM PST) to hear all about our biggest launch yet.

This is a value-packed 15-minute event with zero seconds of your precious time wasted. Our team will walk you through everything from:
  • Screen recording w/ Sam
  • Livestreaming w/ Lauren
  • Video editing w/ Alec
  • Video for business w/ Ben
  • Q&A with the VEED team
And in the end, we’ll even host a Q&A so no stone is left unturned.

Who is this for?

  • You’re in a marketing team responsible for churning out content
  • You want to make warmer cold sales pitches using video
  • It’s your first time making a video
  • You’re a full-time content creator
You’ll leave knowing EXACTLY how our ecosystem of tools comes together so you’re equipped to make videos people love to watch (and your competition will wish they had made 😎).

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