Build Your Visual Vocabulary: The Language of Visual Thinking

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Build Your Visual Vocabulary: The Language of Visual Thinking

By Verbal to Visual

One of the core skills of a visual thinker is the ability to draw simple versions of objects that we experience in the real world, things like cars and street signs, hamburgers and french fries, and computers and cell phones.

Every time that you learn to draw something new you’re making an addition to your visual vocabulary. Make no mistake, drawing is a language that opens the door to powerful communication.

In this 90-minute workshop you’ll progress toward fluency in that language of visuals as you build up the number of simply-drawn icons in your repertoire.

I’ll help you move from fearful drawing to joyful drawing so that in your next visual note-taking session you’ll be able to enter a state of flow and stay there as you use your drawing skills to learn new material deeply, solve problems more efficiently, and share ideas more effectively.

Come draw with me!

How do I sign up?

Click the "View Tickets" button above. Admission is $20. That includes access to the live 90-minute workshop as well as the replay.

What materials will I need?

Something to sketch with (pen, marker, stylus, etc.) and something to sketch on (notebook, poster paper, tablet, etc.). Both analog and digital tools are welcome! I'll be using a black marker on poster paper.

What's this Crowdcast thing?

Crowdcast is an online events platform that I've experienced (and thoroughly enjoyed) as an attendee, and I'm excited to host my live workshops here. It's kind of like Zoom, but much more polished. You won't be on camera by default, but I'll be inviting folks on throughout the session to share their work and ask questions.

If you don't already have a Crowdcast account, you'll need to create one in the registration process. The good news is there's no software to download! It runs seamlessly in your browser.

Will this workshop be recorded?

Yes, the workshop will be recorded and the replay available immediately after the event.

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