Cooking with Kids in the School Garden

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Cooking with Kids in the School Garden

By KidsGardening

Join us for a webinar exploring the exciting world of nutrition right from your school garden!

Focus areas will include:
  • Student Engagement: Learn how to engage your students in growing, tasting, and appreciating fresh and healthy foods.
  • Garden and Program Design: Discover how to create a garden space that nurtures both plants and young minds, exploring ideas for garden layouts and learning activities tailored to different age groups.
  • Outdoor Cooking Skills: Discover essential cooking techniques that are safe and suitable for teaching outdoors. We'll cover basic food preparation, fireless cooking methods, essential knife skills, basic food preparation and creating outdoor culinaryexperiences for students.
  • Understanding Young Palates: Gain insights into how to introduce young children to diverse and nutritious foods. Discover strategies to encourage nourishing eating habits in the early years.
  • Deconstructing Food Shaming: We'll address the important issue of food shaming, discussing its impact on young minds and ways to foster a positive and accepting relationship with food.

Regi Jones (They/Them) is the National Training & Curriculum Specialist for Life Lab. Regi grew up and attended university in North Carolina. Their passion for education began while working with groups of Burmese youth in the summer, which launched Regi into moving to New Orleans to dive into their curiosity about the connection between food and education. Regi primarily focuses on how food can be used to connect people across cultures and how what we eat is shaped by our own ancestral connections. When they're not thinking about how to draw young people into those conversations, Regi loves any outdoor activity, trying new foods, and playing basketball in the park.

This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing on this web page immediately following the presentation.

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