Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon 2024

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Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon 2024

By Woodland Pattern

Welcome to the 30th Annual Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon! This 24-hour event will be hosted on Saturday, January 27 from 10 am–10 pm and Sunday, January 28 from 10 am–10 pm, with half-hour intermissions at 4 pm on both days. The full hourly schedule will be posted on our website soon—stay tuned!

In addition to being an incredible event and a Woodland Pattern tradition, the Poetry Marathon serves as a community-driven fundraiser. We express our overwhelming gratitude to every reader who raised pledges, to every community member who sponsored a poet, and to our generous sponsors who matched reader pledges for every hour.  While this year's event is being presented free to the public, this is Woodland Pattern's major fundraiser for the year, and a ticket donation of any amount from audience members who are in a position to give will be greatly appreciated.

We are extraordinarily grateful to our sponsors. Woodland Pattern’s 30th Annual Poetry Marathon is presented by Wisconsin's Own Library, a unique collection of Wisconsin authors and illustrators owned by the General Federation of Women's Clubs–Wisconsin, with funding provided by the Gwendolyn M. Schultz Charitable Trust. Our premier (canto) level sponsors this year are DeWitt LLP and Dana Alexander Kaleta; and our supporting (sonnet) level sponsor is Juneau Park Friends. A full list of event sponsors can be found on our website below the Marathon schedule.

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