Daily WAM Immersion - 21 Days

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Daily WAM Immersion - 21 Days

By Sat Shree

Warm welcome to join this consecutive 21-day World Awakening Meditation Immersion.
  • The opportunity of this immersion is for us to move into a deeper connection with the Sat force through practicing this powerful technique together as a fellowship.
  • When having the intention to integrate a mantra like this Sat Shree recommends practicing it for at least 21 consecutive days, so that is something we are going to start the new year by doing together.
  • This practice is an intervention, and the energetic activity empowers both our individual and collective awakening, as well as trains our bodies to become channels of the transformative energy of the Sat Force. It is an opportunity to show up in immediacy to offer ourselves as vessels of the manifestation of Divine Will, together as a sangha.

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