I Must Be Dreaming

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I Must Be Dreaming

By Wisconsin Book Festival

At the 2023 Cheryl Rosen Weston Memorial Lecture, Roz Chast, inimitable New Yorker cartoonist and #1 New York Times bestselling author, cracks open the mysterious and fascinating world of dreams. I Must Be Dreaming, the new fully illustrated graphic work sprung from Chast's unconscious brain. She goes on to explore, recount, and illustrate her actual dreams of all kinds, from recurring dreams (back to high school), lucid dreams, and celebrity dreams (involving Henry Kissinger, Chris Rock, Elizabeth Taylor), to nightmares, body horror dreams (dentistry figures prominently), food dreams, cartoon dreams, everyday dreams, and much more.

Chast also takes the reader on a brief tour through “dream-theory land” exploring how thinkers like Freud and Jung understood dreams, how the Kabbalah believes in the predictive power of dreams, how ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Greeks, interpreted dreams, and the musings about dreams by poets and philosophers, all with her characteristic quirky spin and hilarious illustrations. I Must Be Dreaming is Roz Chast at her best—exploring the surreal nighttime world inside her mind—and untangling one of our most enduring human mysteries.

To sum up, as Roz noted on her Instagram: “Dreams are weird and not my fault.”

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