Sing A Black Girl's Song

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Sing A Black Girl's Song

By Wisconsin Book Festival

Sing a Black Girl’s Song, is a new posthumous collection of Shange’s unpublished poems, essays, and plays from throughout the life of the seminal Black feminist writer.

This seminal collection is a window into Shange’s internal life, from her writings as a budding poet and her galvanizing calls to action written during the Black Arts Movement to her verse and prose are infused with humor, sadness, joy, and projections of a better future — exemplifying not only the breadth of Black experience in America, but of the human experience as a whole. Throughout, she references the people, languages, places, music, and groups that influenced and enriched her work. Where the world often forces Black women into isolation due to systematic injustice, Shange, in her undeniably singular voice, firmly rebuked the idea that we are meant to suffer alone, or at all. For every Black woman and girl drowning in feelings of self-doubt, lovelessness, and victimhood, Shange used her prose to provide love and healing.

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