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What's New in Historical Fiction

By History Through Fiction

Please join History Through Fiction for What's New in Historical Fiction, a regular panel series featuring historical novelists with new and upcoming titles. Moderated by History Through Fiction editor, Colin Mustful, this special panel features:

Gabriella Saab author of Daughters of Victory
Brynn Barineau author of Jaguars and Other Game
Peter Blauner author of Picture in the Sand

Gabriella Saab is the author of The Last Checkmate. the co-host of @hfchitchat on Twitter, a recurring monthly chat and community celebrating the love of reading and writing historical fiction. Her newest release, Daughters of Victory, is a brilliant novel spanning from the Russian Revolution to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union and following two unforgettable women…their fates intertwined by ties of family and interrupted by the tragedy of war.

Brynn Barineau is an Atlanta-based writer who spent 14 years living in Brazil. Over the years she discovered a passion writing historical fiction set during fascinating but overlooked events in history. Her newest release, Jaguars and other Game, is set in 1808 Rio de Janeiro and follows sisters who discover a conspiracy that reaches the heart of the Portuguese royal court. To save their friend from execution, they’ll have to decide what they’re willing to risk for justice, love and family.

Peter Blauner is the author of eight novels who began his career as a journalist for New York magazine. He segued into writing fiction in the 1990s and has also written for several television shows. His newest release, Picture in the Sand, is a sweeping intergenerational saga told through a grandfather's passionate letters to his grandson, passing on the story of his political rebellion in 1950s Egypt in order to save his grandson's life in a post-9/11 world.

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