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What's New in Historical Fiction

By History Through Fiction

Please join History Through Fiction for What's New in Historical Fiction, a regular panel series featuring historical novelists with new and upcoming titles. Moderated by History Through Fiction editor, Colin Mustful, this special panel features:

Amy Hill Hearth author of Silent Came the Monster
Alina Rubin author of No Job for a Woman
Lindsey S. Fera author of Muskets & Masquerades
Aaron Hamburger author of Hotel Cuba

Amy Hill Hearth is an American nonfiction author, novelist, and former journalist whose work focuses on American history, lost or little-known stories, and the wisdom of her elders. Her newest novel, Silent Came the Monster, is the story of the 1916 Jersey Shore shark that changed the way Americans think of the seashore, reminding us once again that nature plays by its own rules.

Alina Rubin is an IT professional with degrees in Business and Information Technology. During the pandemic lockdowns she discovered that writing was her passion, leading her to publish her debut novel, A Girl With a Knife. Her newest novel in the Hearts and Sails Series, No Job for a Woman, tells the courageous story of a woman surgeon saving lives and refusing to be put in her place.

Lindsey S. Fera is a born and bred New Englander who forged her love for writing with her intrigue for colonial America by writing her debut novel, Muskets & Minuets. The second novel in her series, Muskets & Masquerades follows Annalisa Howlett and her male alter ego, Benjamin Cavendish, as she rejoins the Continental Army amidst betrayal, deceit, and conflicts of the heart.

Aaron Hamburger is the award-winning author of the short fiction, novels, and creative non-fiction. He has taught creative writing at numerous colleges and universities. His newest novel, Hotel Cuba, explores the profound courage of two women displaced from their home who strive to create a new future in an enticing and dangerous world far from anything they have ever known.

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