What’s Coming In 2024: Catastrophic Disclosure

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What’s Coming In 2024: Catastrophic Disclosure

By Dr Salla Webinars

Failure to include the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023 in the Pentagon’s massive National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 put an end to an officially sanctioned initiative for controlled disclosure of the reality behind UFOs. The stage has been subsequently set for “catastrophic disclosure” a far more radical and unpredictable series of revelations concerning the existence of extraterrestrial visitors and Inner Earth civilizations.
In his first webinar for 2024, Dr. Michael Salla will discuss what “catastrophic disclosure” entails and how to prepare for the life changing events surrounding revealing the truth about how extraterrestrial visitors and technologically advanced civilizations under Earth’s oceans and surface have been secretly in contact and interacting with surface humanity for decades.

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