Worldwide UFO Disclosure in the Closing Months of 2023? – Plus Future Predictions

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Worldwide UFO Disclosure in the Closing Months of 2023? – Plus Future Predictions

By Dr Salla Webinars

Will official worldwide UFO disclosure come in the remaining months of 2023, with the US leading the charge? Following America’s lead, powerful foreign military and government leaders are about to act to inform their respective publics about extraterrestrial life and their participation in secret space programs. This response has reached a critical stage due to a surge in UFO sightings connected with the activation of space arks found around the world and the arrival of extraterrestrial motherships.

Major international initiatives are happening behind the scenes involving the US, France, Russia, China, Brazil, Britain, and more nations about to disclose the truth. While much of the international media is captivated by recent US Congressional actions to pass the UAP [UFO] Disclosure Act of 2023 and hold hearings on whistleblower revelations concerning non-human intelligence and technologies, other key nations are about to unveil their own sweeping initiatives, whistleblowers, and official government statements.

In his next webinar, Dr. Michael Salla will present the latest intel on what to expect as official worldwide disclosure initiatives become public and space arks continue their unstoppable activation process. Plus, Dr. Salla will present his future predictions for numerous breathtaking events in the pipeline based on new insider information, JP revelations, and so much more!

Join Dr. Salla for a deep dive into the coming events of 2023 that will lead to the truth finally being told about visiting extraterrestrial life, ancient space arks, and the subsequent release of reverse-engineered alien technologies that will change our world forever.

Date and Time: August 19, 2023. Time 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm (GMT)
Length: 2 hours, plus 30 min Q & A

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