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YA Mystery & Suspense!

By Books of Wonder

Chilling and Thrilling NEW YA Tales!

In these tales of caution and catastrophe, will our characters come out victorious, or will the forces they're up against triumph after all?
Tune in to discover:
  • When Ghosts Call us Home by KATYA de BECERRA. As a young child, Sophia starred in her older sister Layla's amateur horror film, which was created in their old house. It went on to amass an army of fanatical fans, along with rumors that Layla sold her soul to the devil for the fame. But when Layla disappears, Sophia must return to the house that haunts her dreams to see if the ghosts of her childhood have finally come to collect.
  • Out of Body by NIA DAVENPORT. Megan has never really fit in anywhere, so she jumps from one friend group to another. Then she meets L.C., and the friendship is instant. On the night of their friendaversary, what was supposed to be a bonding experience goes way beyond that and Megan discovers that not only is L.C. not to be trusted, but that she's no longer herself. Will she be able to get back to herself before it's too late?
  • How to Find a Missing Girl by VICTORIA WLOSOK. After Iris' sister, Stella, vanished a year ago, Iris launched her own investigation. A year later, Iris’s ex-girlfriend goes missing, too — just after dropping the last episode of her true crime podcast, all about Stella. This time, nothing will stop Iris from solving these disappearances, not even a suspicious detective watching her every move. Suddenly, it’s a race against the clock for Iris to solve the most dangerous case of her life.
Thursday, February 22nd at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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