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YA Romance

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Stories to Swoon Over!

These great new YA books are sure to steal your heart and make you smile!
Tune in for:
  • The Breakup Artists by ADRIANA MATHER. Best friends August and Valentine run a business that breaks up teens whose parents aren't happy with the relationship. This line of work just further proves to August that true love doesn't exist... until he meets Ella. It just so turns out that she's his next case!
  • Clementine and Danny Save the World (And Each Other) by LIVIA BLACKBURNE. Clementine and Danny have opposing opinions about their community, and have been battling it out under internet pseudonyms for years. When they end up working together on a cause in real life, can they put their differences aside once the truth comes to light?
  • What Monstrous Gods by ROSAMUND HODGE. After Lia kills the evil sorcerer that imprisoned her kingdom's royal family, he begins haunting her. She then learns she must marry into the royal family and forge a pact with a god — or die. When the gods prove to be more dangerous than she thought, she must choose between the prince she is bound to by duty... and the boy she killed.
  • The Ballad of Darcy and Russell by MORGAN MATSON. Darcy believes in love at first sight, even if it's never happened to her. But when she meets Russell while stranded at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone, she begins to wonder if you can really know someone after only a handful of hours. Is it possible to fall in love in just one day?
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