Live Class: Your Emotional Stakes with Derek Santos Olson

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Live Class: Your Emotional Stakes with Derek Santos Olson

By The Manuscript Academy

One challenge of writing through "the saggy middle" of books, films, and television can be that the early stakes of the story were poorly set up -- and later in the narrative, the stakes are not raised effectively. If you have ever enjoyed writing the beginning of your character's journey... but then struggled with everything after that feeling either flat or unrealistic (flip sides of the same "problem with the stakes" coin!) -- odds are you can benefit from this free workshop by TV writer Derek Santos Olson.

Derek Santos Olson is a screenwriter who has worked in both film and TV.
He wrote on the final two seasons of NBC/DirecTV’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and was nominated for WGA Awards for both seasons. His other TV credits include ABC’s THE UNUSUALS and CBS’ HAWAII FIVE-O.   In film, he has sold original pitches and has done rewrite assignments in a variety of genres.
He attended Yale University and has enjoyed teaching or tutoring in one capacity or another since shortly after his graduation.

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