Features for professional creators

Get started in seconds

It shouldn't take hours to set up your webinar, Q&A or workshop. Crowdcast lets anyone get started in just seconds with no more clunky downloads. Everything—including registration, the event, and automatic recording—is accessible through one URL. Send emails to your audience within the app, accept payments on the registration page, and focus fully on delivering a great event with our intuitive, beautiful interface.

Built for real connection

Standing out begins with building trust. Connect with your audience over no-delay HD streaming for seamless interaction. Engage them with Q&A, polls and chat. Learn their questions, invite them on screen, and get more mileage out of each event with automatic replays you can embed with one click or share with timestamped key moments so you can keep the conversation going.

Business tools for integrations & analytics

All the business tools you need in one place. With Zapier you can connect to the apps you already use, including over 500+ tools like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, and Salesforce. Push data from your events, connect to your email list, automate your workflow. And our advanced built-in analytics gives you powerful insights you can export as CSV. Track, learn, improve to drive leads and sales.

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User experience

Easy, interactive, powerful. Crowdcast does all the work so you can connect with your audience seamlessly.

No downloads
No software to download! Your audience can join from anywhere. Crowdcast is supported in most modern browsers and on Android (and iOS) devices.
Single customizable smart URL
Register, watch and replay all on one page so it takes seconds—not hours—to set up your live event.
Built-in landing page
No more third-party landing page required. Customize your URL, image, video, and description to capture leads with our built-in registration page.
Q&A and voting
Allow attendees to submit questions and vote for their favorites so you can stay focused on what matters. Timestamp your answers for easy replay.
Sharable moments
Share the best moments on social media to bring in your friends.
Build a following
Keep your attendees coming back. Viewers can click “follow” to be notified via push notifications or email about your upcoming events.
HD streaming
No-delay streaming and HD resolution so you can connect with your audience with zero technical distractions.
Want to get the most out of each event? Embed your event in just a few clicks on any page of your website.
Invite anyone on screen
Invite a co-host, guest, or attendee up on screen with just a click for up to four people on screen at a time.
Screen share
Share a presentation, demo a product, or let a guest share their screen for a dynamic, multimedia learning experience.
Chat interactivity
With full controls over chat, you can delete comments, ban trolls, invite anyone on screen or hover for profiles.

Flexible setup

Get the flexibility you need for any event—from large and unlimited to private and paid.

Paid events
Get paid for the value you deliver. Integrate with Stripe to charge for events at a fixed price or sliding scale or to accept donations.
Stripe payments
Get paid for sharing your knowledge. We integrate with Stripe so you can charge for events at a fixed price or sliding scale or accept donations.
Multi-session events
Create a multi-session event with a single registration page for a summit, course, or recurring meeting.
Duplicate events
Running a recurring event? Duplicate any event to quickly copy over settings, description, and cover photo.
Create unlisted events or set a password for added security.
Large scale events
Hosting a conference or summit? We've got you covered for large events of thousands of attendees.
Unlimited registrations
Only pay for those who show up for the live event.
Limit seats
Limit the number of available seats to keep your event personal or to create urgency.

Analytics & Integrations

Advanced analytics and endless integrations through Zapier. All the business tools you need to grow.

Advanced analytics
Track where people came from, how many registered, and your levels of engagement with our event analytics.
Improve conversions
Track who signed up with registration rate and who showed up with live attendance rate.
Connect Crowdcast with over 750+ apps via our advanced Zapier integration.
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Referral source
Identify where people found your event and which sources have the highest conversion rates.
Stream to Facebook Live (and more)
Broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope and other platforms where your audience already hangs out.
Learn more.
Chat engagement
See when your audience was engaged during your live event.
Big Tweeters
Track influencers. See which attendees in your audience have the most Twitter followers.
Data export CSV
Export essential data like attendee emails, names, live conversions, poll answers, and CTA analytics with just one click.
Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking
Track your Facebook advertising performance by inputting your conversion pixel.

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