How do you use Crowdcast to connect with your community? We recently sat down with Notion—one of our favorite tools—to learn more about how they use Crowdcast to teach and engage their audience. 

What is Notion?

If you’re not already a user, you might be wondering—what is Notion? 

Notion is an app that acts as an all-in-one workspace for individuals and teams, which lets users create customized systems to manage projects and organize information. More than four million people use Notion around the world, and we use Notion for our workspace here at Crowdcast!

Why Notion Chose Crowdcast for Online Events

We spoke with Ben Lang who works on community efforts at Notion to find out why they chose Crowdcast for their live events.

“We were looking for something that was fun and community friendly. We thought this would be a great way to engage more of our community, help with user education, and share all kinds of stories and perspectives. Crowdcast seemed like a good way for us to do that.” -Ben Lang

Today, Notion has used Crowdcast for more than 70 live events

How Notion uses Crowdcast

“We use Crowdcast in partnership with our community. We have two webinar series, one of them is called Office Hours and  the other is Notion at Work.” -Ben Lang

Office Hours

Notion’s weekly Office Hours series is an ongoing virtual event that attracts hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of Notion users who are eager to learn how to do even more with Notion. The host of the show, Marie Poulin, is a workflow and productivity expert and Notion consultant who shows people how to use Notion to get organized, integrate their lives and work, and follow through on their goals. 

In Notion’s Office Hours, Marie Poulin meets with Notion users and productivity experts like Tiago Forte 
“Office hours brings on people from all kinds of backgrounds to share their perspectives on productivity and Notion.” -Ben Lang

Some of the topics include how to use Notion for planning—from your next week to your next decade—and how to make the most of Notion as a student, teacher, writer, freelancer, or remote worker

Notion’s weekly Office Hours gives both beginners and advanced users inspiration and a sense of community. 

“We have some viewers who come to the live events every single week, and new connections are always formed in the chat. I love the intimate community vibe it helps us create around the tool.” -Marie Poulin

The questions we get in these sessions help us keep an eye on the pulse of the community, and help us shape future events, and even feature development, because we’re in touch with what people are asking for. 

Notion at Work 

After seeing the success of Office Hours, Notion launched another series called Notion at Work to focus specifically on users who want to learn how to be more effective with using Notion at work. 

“Notion at Work is more focused around using Notion in the workplace, whether it’s a small business or fast growing startup.” -Ben Lang

The host of Notion at Work, William Nutt, makes a space where professionals can learn Notion for work-specific situations, like managing a meeting or organizing finances. In each show, as William walks you through a new process, it feels like a friend at work showing you their favorite insider tips. 

On Notion at Work, William Nutt shows Notion users how to be more effective in business with guests like August Bradley

Online communities that go live together, stay together

Notion is an awesome example of how a company can use live online events on Crowdcast to build stronger relationships with their community members. 

Whether you want to offer live workshops or host casual Q&As, Crowdcast empowers you to connect with your community in real time. 

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