I've been gigging since my mid-teens and not being able to perform for the first time ever was a very strange feeling. I wanted to be able to perform in their living rooms!

Midge Ure

When the world hit pause during lockdown, artists like Midge Ure cranked up the creativity to keep the music alive and connect with their audience. Dive into the behind-the-scenes of how this Scottish singer-songwriter and record producer rode the virtual wave with Crowdcast, turning digital gatherings into a rocking success.

The Challenge: Adapting to Lockdown

Midge Ure was left in limbo when his long history of live performances were forced into a hiatus due to the pandemic. Seeking a platform to bridge the gap and maintain a sense of community, Crowdcast emerged as the preferred choice due to its seamless integration with Patreon, allowing for the creation of an exclusive space for fans. His Crowdcast channel hosts regular Sunday night events for his community.

Connecting Virtually

To sustain the connection with his fans, Midge opted for a bi-weekly live broadcast featuring acoustic performances from various locations. He also leveraged Crowdcast to host guests, share interesting video snippets, and interact with fans through Q&A sessions and song requests. This strategy aimed to recreate the intimate experience of live performances in a virtual setting.

The platform's chat functionality allowed members to engage with each other, fostering a supportive environment. Midge felt this was crucial during lockdown, but also now in ongoing challenging times.

Meeting Fan Expectations

Attendees echoed the Midge’s sentiments, enjoying the integrated features that facilitated community interaction. Additionally, the ability to rewatch past broadcasts resonated well with fans, providing a valuable way to relive memorable moments. The email reminders proved to be a practical feature, acknowledging the busy schedules of fans and ensuring they didn't miss upcoming broadcasts.