This week's creator spotlight features a host that has rocked Crowdcast events since early 2016. From brand visibility to growing a profitable business, Kimra Luna, is an expert in helping people grow their online businesses. She is the founder of Freedom Hackers®️ and the Be True, Brand You®️ programs which have accumulated over 5000 students in counting. Many of her programs have taken place on Crowdcast and she has hosted over 200+ hours of live events.

Kimra has been successful on Crowdcast for the following reasons (just to name a few):

  1. Energy: Kimra leads with an authentic and down-to-earth attitude. She kicks off her events with an energetic and relaxed tone. Whether it's an attendee's first or fifth event, she is intentional about creating a level of engagement to make sure that all attendees feel included. She monitors the chat like a boss lady!
  2. Multifaceted Approach: Kimra takes advantage of a wide variety if formats for her streams on Crowdcast. From free public trainings, to one-on-calls, private group programs, and one-off paid events, she maximizes her offerings. By offering different kinds of events, she increases her audience reach.
  3. Guest Speakers: Rather than teach all of the content herself, Kimra uses the platform she's built to share the mic with guest speakers who are able to give different perspectives and add variety. In sharing the spotlight, she helps other experts gain exposure to her audience. Her collaborations with others create a dynamic live stream presence.
  4. Streams to Facebook: By streaming her audience to Facebook, Kimra scales her reach. Once her events are visible on Facebook, she encourages attendees to join the live Q&A on Crowdcast by providing the direct link in the description. She also streams to her dedicated Facebook groups to make sure her students don't miss a broadcast.
  5. Flexible pricing: Through the sliding scale feature, Kimra offers a price range to make her events budget friendly. Her upcoming 4-part masterclass series is sliding scale and she is also donating 10% of all the sales to No More Martyrs, an organization that helps de-stigmatize mental health for women of color plus provide suicide awareness and prevention. Sharing is caring❣️
"I've tried every webinar software out there. Crowdcast is by far the best! I've used it during my major product launches, with thousands of webinar attendees, streaming flawlessly. I love how Crowdcast syncs up perfectly with my Stripe account, making it easy to get paid, and having the option to charge people for the replays of my workshop. I am grateful to have such a great tool available to help me grow my business." - Kimra Luna, Personal branding and online business strategist

Recently Kimra joined us on an episode of Creatorcast to share her whole workflow from top to bottom as well as tips to leverage chat-bots in the marketing funnel. You can view the full crowdcast right here.

Want to connect with Kimra? Give her a follow and check out her upcoming events here.