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Our style of live, authentic, imperfect videos invites people into our learning space and our school in a way that doesn't feel pretentious. With Crowdcast we're able to create classroom spaces, event spaces, interview rooms, and stream multiple camera feeds to Facebook in order to reach further outside our choir of registered readers.

Molly Murphy's testimonial profile photo

Molly Murphy

Elephant Academy

My audience has increased exponentially since hosting Office Hours for Notion via Crowdcast. It's helped me boost my overall confidence on live video, grow my authority, and host my show without much overhead or editing. I love how easy Crowdcast is to navigate and their integrations with software I’m already using. Everything feels so Pro!

Marie Poulin's testimonial profile photo

Marie Poulin


We're using Crowdcast to host digital events to grow our community. We also recently pulled together a three-day summit on COVID-19. Crowdcast made it easy. It's really good for engagement, the chat and Q&A are robust, and we like that it's web-based.

Singularity University's testimonial profile photo

Singularity University

Crowdcast helps me create private online chambers of communal magic. It flawlessly integrates with patreon and I'm thankful to the time travelers that brought this advanced technology to us from the technological utopia they travelled to our timeline from.

Duncan Trussell's testimonial profile photo

Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

We use Crowdcast for brand building and community events. I host a Q&A call for our community each month. We also host our virtual conferences on it. Crowdcast is a HUGE time saver. I never build landing pages for events anymore. I never have to upload recordings and send out links anymore. I love the fact that I can always say, "Yes, the event will be recorded. Just return to the exact same URL and it'll be waiting for you." The other benefit is that my audience loves interacting with me on Crowdcast--so there's a relationship-building aspect too. The quality of experience that you can create with Crowdcast is something I find really hard to duplicate elsewhere.

Tara McMullin's testimonial profile photo

Tara McMullin

founder of What Works

Crowdcast makes it possible for me and my team to lead HUGE, smooth events - time and time again, both for promotion and for connection. I love how Crowdcast makes it so easy to bring people on screen, I adore the clear Questions tab, and the nice bright Call to Action. With Crowdcast's help, I quadrupled my business and now we're doing over 7 figures in sales each year.

Carolyn Elliott's testimonial profile photo

Carolyn Elliott

Crowdcast allows us to connect with our audience and to engage with them in a more interactive way. Whenever we do events on Crowdcast, especially our popular Ask Me Anything series, it feels more casual. It feels more like our brand. We're talking with people and we're providing them information. They're connecting in the chat and they're asking questions. Plus, there is a polished feel like you're putting on like an event on a stage. It's just fun and not boring like other platforms!

Techstars's testimonial profile photo


At IBM, we use Crowdcast to host developer education events and online meetups. We love the fact that Crowdcast has a notion of a community. Developers can follow our channel and get notifications when events go live. And they can use the chat feature to interact even before the event starts. We love that events are automatically recorded and the recording is available at the same URL right after the event ends. You don’t need to press record (which you will probably forget) or download/upload the video to make it available. It's just simple to use and developer-friendly.

IBM (Max Katz)'s testimonial profile photo

IBM (Max Katz)


With Crowdcast we now have the ability to create revenue with great efficiency. We don't have the time to build a whole other course, so I made an event on Crowdcast, had it up in 10 minutes, spent another 10 on the email to our community and sold out all 150 spots, in 2 hours. For a $49-$149 event, that is pretty damn awesome.

Patrick Moreau's testimonial profile photo

Patrick Moreau

Muse Storytelling

Polkadot has hosted almost 40 events on Crowdcast so far. Because of Crowdcast, we didn't skip a beat during COVID-19 and were able to move all of our events online with no problem. We love that we have our own channel and that we can easily spin up an event page. The chat feature is fun for attendees and the Q&A box is super valuable, especially with the time-stamping. We love Crowdcast so much that we started hosting our company Town Halls on the platform. I have already recommended Crowdcast to many of my startup friends!

Dan Reecer's testimonial profile photo

Dan Reecer


Crowdcast will change the way you run webinars. After 3 terrible experiences with other webinar platforms, Crowdcast seemed too good to be true. They deliver on everything they promise, their user interface is simple and fun to use, and their support is fantastic. If you’ve been struggling to find a reliable webinar platform, Crowdcast is where it’s at.

Lauren Hooker's testimonial profile photo

Lauren Hooker

Elle & Company

Crowdcast helps us translate the in-person event experience seamlessly into an online one. We love that the experience is in-browser, making it easy for people to join the Creative Jam without having to download any software. And the engagement is great. The polls. The chat. We love that the students and designers engage and comment before the event goes live. There are just a lot of benefits that help us serve our audiences. Other platforms make it feel like you are watching the show but with Crowdcast our audience feels like they are part of the show.

Adobe (Creative Jam)'s testimonial profile photo

Adobe (Creative Jam)

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