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Community Guidelines

Last updated: 3/29/2021

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At Crowdcast, we believe in being respectful to all people. Anyone should be able to participate or share ideas regardless of background, identity, or location. We make a point to share our intentions and products with transparency to maintain our authenticity and we expect our community to do the same.

We believe in fostering healthy relationships and will always put the protection and security of our creators and community first. Below are our Community Guidelines which we expect all of our users to follow. If you view a violation of these Community Guidelines, please report it to us here.

Our Enforcement Philosophy & Process

As creators helping other creators, we have to be intentional when fostering space for sharing information and experiences. With intentionality comes accountability; accountability for our community looks like being proactive. If you are ever unsure whether the content you want to create follows our Community Guidelines, ask us! If a creator makes content or an account that violates our Community Guidelines, we will take swift action to protect our users and address the violation accordingly. Depending on the severity of a violation, we may take further action such as suspending or removing the account. In the most extreme cases, we may ban a creator from using Crowdcast. Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and threats to individuals, groups, or animals.

By using the platform, you confirm that you accept these guidelines and that you agree to comply with them.

Enforcement Process

If you've received a warning: Please read the warning email carefully and reach out to our Success Team for further questions on what is and is not allowed on Crowdcast.

If you've received a strike: We have hidden your content and deactivated your account for 2 weeks. We will always hear you out if you decide to appeal our decision, and we will review your appeal to make the final decision within 1-3 business days.

If you have been banned: We have hidden your content from other users and deactivated your account. Our communication channels will stay open if the user decides to change their practices to follow the community guidelines.

Please note:

  1. Once you are banned, your content and account will be completely erased from our platform after 2 weeks.
  2. We will not pause your subscription during the time an account may be deactivated due to a strike.

Crowdcast is host to a diverse community of creators. While you may not agree with, like, or feel comfortable with all of the content on Crowdcast, only content in violation of the Community Guidelines warrants a report or action. Context matters; deciding who to suspend or remove is not always a simple or clear task. Our Trust & Safety team aims to take a global review approach when disseminating information, tracking online streaming trends, and protecting our creators on behalf of our community. Take the time to understand the severity of your actions before reporting another creator or creating harmful content. If you are being targeted or are a representative of someone being targeted on our platform, please submit a report immediately.

Submit a Report

If you need to report an account or user you can submit a report here

A member of our Trust & Safety team will review the report. Once reviewed, if our Community Guidelines have been breached, a case manager will contact the host directly to let them know that they are outside our guidelines. In most cases, they will receive 1 warning and 1 strike before being banned but depending on the nature of the violation; they may be banned immediately.

No matter what happens, we always allow our hosts to appeal a decision by sending any relevant information they believe was not considered. We may not change our minds, but we are always open to listening.

Bullying & Harassment


We define threats as statements that include wording like “I will,” “I’m going to,” or “I plan to,” as well as conditional statements like “If you do X, I will” used to inflict or incite fear, pain or violence. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any threats made on our platform toward an individual, group, or animal. Anyone should be able to express their opinion in a way that doesn't threaten others. If you are a victim of this type of behavior, we suggest you contact your local law enforcement in addition to reporting the behavior to us.

Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber stalking
  • Threatening to kill
  • Threatening to sexually assault someone
  • Threatening to seriously hurt someone and/or commit another violent act that could lead to someone’s death or serious physical injury
  • Asking for or offering a financial reward in exchange for inflicting violence on a specific person or group of people


Doxing, short for "dropping dox," is when an individual's private information is shared to intimidate them through harassment and bullying. We consider content as doxing if any private information is shared without the consent of the person. Why is this important? Doxing can ruin lives. This can expose targeted individuals and their families to both online and real-world harassment.

In the US, doxing a government employee falls under federal conspiracy laws and is seen as a federal offense.


It's pretty obvious and annoying. Please don't be that person! As creators, we understand that there's some information you just want to spread and share. Let's practice mindfulness and respect when sharing information with others

Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Sending spam.
  • Emailing users using the platform to spread spam or links to malware or phishing schemes.
  • Adding participants to email newsletters without their explicit consent.
  • Commenting on other people's events to promote yours.
  • Using incorrect titles or tags on your event to drive more search results.

Hate Speech

We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech. There can be a fine line between political comments and hate speech. If you come across what you believe to be hate speech on Crowdcast, please take the time to report it.

Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to: Serious attacks on people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or serious medical conditions.

Adult Content

We require that all public events are appropriate for all audiences/ages. Channels with mature themes must be marked explicitly as 18+. Please contact Crowdcast support if you want to be approved for 18+ content.


We understand that nudity may be shared for various reasons, including for educational or medical reasons. Where such intent is clear, we may make exceptions.

  • You can post nude content of both real and fictional subjects.
  • You cannot post nudity in public areas, including your profile cover photo, promotional cover photo, trailer video, and all other forward facing media
  • You cannot share content involving minors.
  • You cannot share intimate photos or videos of someone produced or distributed without their consent.


We don't allow pornographic material or sexual services on Crowdcast. We define pornography as "real or fictional people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera."

Harmful or Illegal Activities

Self harm

No one should be afraid to speak openly about topics like mental health or self-harm. We recognize that sharing personal stories and experiences can provide coping mechanisms and resources for addressing self-harm or suicidal thoughts. We support all creators who want to help facilitate discussions focused on research, advocacy, and education related to self-harm or suicide prevention.

However please don’t share content on Crowdcast if it fits any of the descriptions below:

  • Promoting or glorifying suicide
  • Providing instructions on how to self-harm or die by suicide
  • Graphic images of self-harm posted to shock or disgust viewers
  • Promoting or glorifying eating disorders

Illegal or dangerous activity

You cannot promote or share content promoting or glorifying:

  • Violence
  • Property crime
  • Human trafficking
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Products made from endangered or protected species
  • Gambling
  • Multi-level marketing businesses
  • Stolen goods or weapons; including firearms, ammunition, and explosives, instructions on making weapons
  • Live footage of firearms or weapons (see Firearm Policy for more info)

Firearm Policy

Crowdcast does not allow:

  • Selling or advertising the sale of firearms, ammunition, or accessories (including giveaways)
  • Instructing viewers on how to make firearms, ammunition, or any accessories
  • Live footage which shows someone holding, handling, firing, or transporting a firearm
  • Content displaying accessories that enable a firearm to simulate automatic fire

Crowdcast does allow pre-recorded educational content with an emphasis on safety. All content displaying the handling or firing of firearms must be pre-recorded.

Note: This does not include firearms in video games.

Sensitive Content

Graphic violence or gratuitous gore

No content that depicts death, violence, or serious physical injury in graphic detail is allowed on our platform.

Discussing criminal investigations

When agency personnel or civilians are accessing, viewing, collecting, using, storing, retaining, and disseminating information obtained from social media sites, this can increase popularity and usefulness in the case and can also lead to manipulation and misinformation if not backed up by credible sources. We believe that conducting a real criminal investigation should be left in the hands of law enforcement professionals, professional news broadcasters, and those directly involved in the case. We rely on the credibility of those lawfully bound. This does not include production of a professional documentary.

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